The Ontological Violence of the Cisheteropatriarchy

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how being became girl
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Below is a gallery of paintings of mine that explore themes such as embodiment, identity, love, questioning and community, much like themes explored within this piece
I've assembled a playlist of songs that bend and play with sex/gender in various ways
Ontological violence: Refers to violence committed against our beings; or not recognizing the validity of other ways of being in the world
Cisheteropatriarchy: Refers to the amalgamation of power between cisnormativity, heteronormativity and the patriarchy
Cisnormative: The assumption that everyone is cisgender, which affords cisgender people particular privileges while harming and erasing transgender and gender nonconforming people
Heteronormativity: The privileging of heterosexuality, caused by the assumption that everyone is straight
Patriarchy: A social system whereby men hold primary power, which harms women and those who do not conform to the gender binary
Gender: Refers to social and cultural roles, expectations, behaviours, expressions, etc.
Sex: refers to biological and/or anatomical differences of the body
Cisgender: Refers to someone who self identifies as the sex/gender they were assigned at birth
Transgender: Refers to someone who does not self identify as the sex/gender they were assigned at birth
Sexuality: Refers to one's capacity to have sexual feelings; or one's sexual orientation
LGBTQI+: An acronym meaning lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, intersex+