Questions are not meant to be answered but lived in. To live the question, we dismantle the unthought known, swing through spirals, and trust our body’s knowing. 

Questions are a quest, a journey toward action, toward possibility, toward the previously

unseen, unnoticed, unmentioned, and unacknowledged. 


We then enter the question, stay in the question, become the question. We become spaces for contemplation, rumination, imagination, and exploration. 

We never truly arrive at any answers, so we re-live the questions again.

“Living in the Felt-Sentence” unites the body and mind in the writing process. It examines what the writing process feels like, instead of solely what it aims to accomplish. Rather than looking toward the mind for answers, I look toward the body as a source of meaning and explore how we come to know by living and writing through, with, and in our questions.

My body - my person was given a name and it doesn’t fit so I spent most of my life questioning words and names and their meanings. The only concrete answers I’ve come to are that we could all benefit from spending more time questioning the names and answers we’ve been prescribed, and that we need to centre the needs of those most vulnerable to the violences of the cisheteropatriarchy if we ever hope to get free.

Wanna grab a coffee? Let's chat and try to figure this thing out.


One answer is never enough, there are always more. Keep considering, keep trying.