Coined by Christopher Bollas in the 1980s, the phrase ‘Unthought Known’ represents the experiences that are in some way known to the individual, but which the individual is also unable to think. The unthought known is a deep knowledge that one carries but does not consciously think about.  As we travel through the mindscape, we explore those unthought knowns through imagination, determination. The unthought known lives in all of us, moves in us, pulls us in different directions. When we recognize it and simply choose to accept it, we can trust we are on the right track. It entails a throng of unexplored ideas we keep hidden in our minds -- things we initially imagine could become more someday, and after discovering it, we embark on a journey to seek knowledge of how we can make them become tangible.

A story of unthought knowns that I've never told before.

Fragments and sketches from my mind. 

A journey can begin when two diverging and divergent views intersect...